Green Hills Organics Himalayan Red Rice -High in fiber (16oz)

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Product Overview

Himalayan red rice, or Bhutanese red rice as it is also known, is similar to brown rice. However, it has a strong, distinct nutty flavor with a firm texture. 

It is high in fiber, antioxidants, B vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Himalayan red rice is minimally processed so it retains all of the health benefits as the brown rice variety. 

The deep, rosy color of our Himalayan Red Rice brightens any dish. 


  •  Medium to long-grain, dark red rice
  • Nutty, earthy flavor
  • Wonderful chewy texture
  • High in fiber

Serving Suggestions:

For a more eye-catching color and complimenting textures, try these ideas:

  • Great in hot or cold salads and pilaf, due to its firm texture
  • Perfect in fried rice and casseroles
  • Desserts such as, rice pudding
  • Creamy rice soups


(No reviews yet) Write a Review