Green Hills Organics Sprouted Garbanzo Flour (Organic)-14oz

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Our 100% raw, organic sprouted garbanzo flour is a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals, including molybdenum, manganese, folate, copper, phosphorus, and zinc. Vegetarians and vegans, rejoice: garbanzo flour is packed with iron and has as much protein per quarter-cup as an egg! It’s also rich in fiber, including colon-healthy insoluble fiber, and antioxidants like flavonoids, which reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.
Garbanzo flour is the star of delicious Indian dishes from veggie-packed fritters like pakoras or rich chickpea and cardamom fudge. It’s also a great low-glycemic, gluten-free baking flour; thanks to its high fiber content, it absorbs a lot of water, so you’ll need to use slightly less garbanzo flour than you would wheat flour when making goodies like breads, muffins, pizza crust, and cookies. Also mix equal parts garbanzo flour and water for a protein-rich egg replacement, perfect for baking or for a nice morning scramble. Garbanzo flour’s nutty, savory flavor even makes it a lovely “cheese” base for creamy vegan sauces.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review