Green Hills Organics Jamaican Organic Hemp Flour (16oz)

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Product Overview

Organic hemp flour Hempika is ecologically produced from carefully selected hemp seeds. With cold pressing hemp seed oil from hemp seeds, we also obtain a by-product called hemp seed cake, that is rich in dietary fibers and high in protein.

With rough grinding of hemp seed cake the whole grain hemp flour is made, while hemp protein powder require finer sifting. Because of that, hemp proteins have less dietary fibers than hemp flour, but are higher in protein that can be found in smallest particles of hemp seed cake. Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins in organic hemp flour and hemp proteins can help us improve numerous physiological processes, regeneration time of our muscles and well-being.

Organic hemp flour an organic hemp protein powder can be used for baking bread or pastry, as thickening agent for sauces and soups or for preparation of various drinks. Hemp flour is frequently mixed with other types of flour. The freshness is best preserved when product is stored in dark, cool place. Organic hemp flour and organic hemp protein powder don’t contain cannabinoids and are both gluten free.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review